Emma Keifer is a current BFA Acting Major at Missouri State University (MSU). Her midwestern drive and creativity have allowed her to be the actress she is today before she moves to LA in June.

Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Emma fell in love with acting after her dance teacher encouraged her to audition for her first musical when she was 12. Being on-screen is her passion after her inspiration- Grace Kelly. 




She just finished filming two shorts- Vote for Me & Courage as well as These Shining Lives: The Radio Play at MSU where she played Pearl. On top of that she has worked as a featured actress in the two feature films; REAGAN & American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story.

Currently, she is a supporting role in Missouri State University's, Journey and starring in an indie horror short film, Endless.


Up next for Emma is Missouri State University LA Showcase which airs virtually on April 21st at 1 & 4 pm PST. Click here to get your digital ticket! 


Be sure to check out Emma's reel to see her skills on the screen or watch her scene from MSU's LA Showcase.

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let's work!  

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